Onrust, Cipir And Kelor Island

Museum Onrust


Rp 250.000,00 / orang

Grade: Light
Safe for everyone, including children. No formal skill necessary.
Quota: 20 persons (Max. 40)
Trip Done
Kahyangan Island or Cipir Island is one of the island. There is located in Thousand Island. In this island there is port where has been built by Holland government in VOC era.

Kelor Island some century ago was famous with the name of Kherkof Island . It is located in Thousand Island. In this island there are a boat and port which have been built in VOC era for facing war attack from Portugis in the 17 century. Here there are cemetery of Seven Boat or Sevent Province with theirs admiral who are Indonesian who help and follow in a war with Holland goverment.

The name of “Onrust” is taken from Holland language which is meaning “NEVER SLEEP AND TAKE A REST’. Or in English language is “Unrest”. There is one cemetery, that’s cemetery of the leader from DI/TII Kartosoewirjo. In Onrust Island too Holland Holland servant was doing activity to input logistic for war boat. In 1959 Onrust Island was being boardng house for people who would go to get Haj to Arab. Haj candidate was made addaptation with sea weather because they went to Arab by boat and get sea journey. In this island there are anxient historical site like harbour and port.

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Price Basic:
Rp 250.000,00 / orang

  • Down Payment : Rp 125.000,00
  • Installment 2 : Rp 125.000,00

Price Include:
1. Boat transportation
2. Free Lunch
3. Entrance ticket to Onrust, Kelor, Cipir Island
4. Mineral Water
5. Hand Out History Subject
6. Tip Guide
7. Documentation along this trip

Price Exclude:

  • Cultural trip
  • Family Vacation
  • Island Hopping

Meeting Point:
Kamal Muara

ODT : Onrust, Cipir and Kelor Island (Remind The Holland Era)
Day 1
- 07:30 - 08:00 : Participants come to Muara Kamal harbour as meeting point place.
- 08:00 - 08:30 : Sea journey by boat to Kelor Island
- 08:30 - 10:00 : Exploring, Photo Shooting and Hunting in Kelor Island
- 10:00 - 10:30 : Sea journey by boat to Cipir Island
- 10:30 - 12:00 : Exploring, Photo Shooting and Hunting in Cipir Island
- 12:00 - 12:30 : Sea journey by boat to Onrust Island
- 12:30 - 13:30 : Take a break and geting Lunch
- 13:30 - 15:30 : Exploring, Photo Shooting and Hunting in Onrust Island (Japan prison, Cemetry, and Museum)
- 15:30 - 16:30 : Sea journey going back to Muara Kamal harbor

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Terms and Conditions:
2) Payment non refundable, except you find other participant for replace.
3) FIRST DP (DOWN PAYMENT) FIRST SEAT. The quickest DP, the main list of participant (If before the end of DP time the quota reaches to maximum, automatically registration is closed).
4) Down Payment is half of trip package (50%). IDR 125.000/pax
5) If you are booking for group please calculate the down payment with sum of people in your group.
6) The rest of the trip cost of repayment IDR 125.000/pax no later than one week before event.
7) Trip will not be held if you are not paying full.
Receipt of transfer should be submitted to:
Email or WhatsApp
cool Please complete your data after pay down payment and email it to . Here you should fill :
• Full Name
• Gender
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• Cell Phone/HP
• Emergency Contact
• Address
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• Trip Name and Date of The Trip
• BANK Transfer
9) Returns DP after settlement:
• 100% full refunds if participants asked other substitutes.
• CANCEL H-6 (six days before event) returned 50%.
• CANCEL H-3 (three days before event) returned 25%.
• CANCEL H-2, H-1 and Last Minute before event NOT RETURNED.
10) If the minimum quota doesn’t enough :
- The trip still will be going on but with rearrangement budget as totally participant who come in and agreements between participant and trip organizer.
- Trip will be reschedule until minimum participant enough. (Participant follow next trip schedule based on Open Trip Schedule)
-Trip is canceled and down payment or all redemption fees will be returned 100% in the event of cancellation by trip organizer.
11) If there is a force major and nature disaster that making the trip is canceled such as earthquake, volcanic eruption, tsunami, flood, etc. The participant could not require the trip organizer to pay back the payment.
12) We assume when participant is paying down payment or full payment that agree and understand clearly all details in this agreements and force major.

Terms and Regulations:

Necessary Equipments:


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